CHAP Project Business Case Report by Brentnalls

Posted on December 09, 2020
  • Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is only attended by 20-50% of eligible patients despite high level evidence that supports its benefit and cost effectiveness.
  • Research on the reasons for non-attendance have cited cost, access to rural & remote, cultural, and linguistic barriers.
  • Giving patients a choice in the way cardiac rehabilitation is delivered to them is important to their motivation to successfully complete a program of cardiac rehabilitation.
  • In collaboration with the Integrated Cardiac Clinical Network (iCCnet), Country Access to Telephone Cardiac Health (CATCH) and Brentnalls SA we have developed a business model based on integrating current care to support the option of patients receiving their cardiac rehabilitation through their primary care.
  • The following business model for CR programs place the GP at the centre of the model of care by coordinating, monitoring, and assessing the patient’s progress.

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