Continuing Professional Development
The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Series is a specialised program that was initially provided for clinicians involved in the Country Heart Attack Prevention (CHAP) Project but since 1 July 2022, it is now available to anyone who has an interest in cardiac rehabilitation. Please enjoy the recordings from the sessions that have been held to date.

2022 Session Recordings

9 February 2022 - Module 1: Initial Assessment and Goal Setting
Guest Speaker: Dr Rosemary Higgins
Motivational Interviewing and Goal Setting: Lessons learned from my practice
Service of the Month: Flinders Upper North, Linda Marshall

9 March 2022 - Module 2: Heart Education and Self Management
Guest Speaker: Prof Robyn Clark
Meet Nurse Cora: Avatars and gaming for cardiac patient education
Service of the Month: Riverland Mallee Coorong, Ann Felder

11 May 2022 - Module 4: Healthy Eating and Weight Management
Guest Speaker: Dr Kacie Dickinson
The emerging food environment - implications for cardiovascular disease
Service of the Month: Riverland Mallee Coorong LHN, Ceri Johns

8 June 2022 - Module 6: Medication Education & Review
Guest Speaker: Ms Ru Jing Ang
Discharge medication education for rural cardiac rehab nursing
Service of the Month: ICCNet, CATCH Telephone Service, Cathy King

13 July 2022 - Module 5: Tobacco Cessation and Alcohol Reduction
Guest Speaker: Professor Jacqueline Bowden
Smoking, alcohol and other drug use in rural Australia: implications for cardiac rehabilitation
Service of the Month: Frank Circelli, Limestone Coast LHN

17 August 2022 - Module 7: Managing Medical Risk Factors
Guest Speaker: Prof Margaret Arstall
Girl Talk - managing CVD in women during pregnancy, menopause and beyond
Service of the Month: Sanchia Shute, SALHN

14 September 2022 - Module 8: Psychosocial Wellbeing
Guest Presenter: Prof Adam Scott
Tele-cardiac investigations and tele-mental health solutions for cardiac patients
Service of the Month: Alyssia Smith, Eyre and Far North LHN

12 October 2022 - Module 9: Activities of Daily Living
Guest Presenter: Dr Shelley Keating
Remote Delivery of Objective Measures
Service of the Month: Sheeba Kurian, Central Adelaide LHN

9 November 2022 - Module 3: Exercise Training and Physical Activity
Guest Presenter: Professor Carol Maher
 Helping inactive post cardiac patients be active
Service of the Month: Susan Sierp, Northern Adelaide LHN

7 December 2022
Guest Presenters: CHAP Team
 Journey to Quality Care - how can we improve measures?
Service of the Month Awards


2021 Session Recordings

10 February 2021
Presenter: Dr Stephanie Champion
Topic: The CHAP Clinical Manual: Introduction to the Tools

10 March 2021
Presenters: Ms Ali Krollig, Ms Caroline Wilksch
Topic: Heart Education and Self-management: Patient and Clinician Experiences

14 July 2021
Presenters: Professor Jeroen Hendriks, Katie Nesbitt, Dr Lemlem Gebremichael
Topic: Unpacking the National Cardiac Rehabilitation Quality Indicators

8 September 2021
Presenters: Associate Professor David Colquhoun, Trudy Baker - Flinders & Upper North, Dr Lemlem Gebremichael 
Topic: Depression is a risk factor for completing Cardiac Rehabilitation: How do we change this?

8 December 2021
Presenters: Prof Peter Clifton, Dr Lemlem Gebremichael
Topic: Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease: What is the evidence... What are the myths?


2020 Session Recordings

10 June 2020
Presenters: Dr Susie Cartledge, Professor Robyn Clark
Topic: Introduction to CHAP

8 July 2020
Presenter: Dr Susie Cartledge
Topic: Unpacking the Heart Foundation Standardised Program Content

5 August 2020
Presenters: Assoc Prof Carolyn Astley, Dr Emma Thomas
Topic: Unpacking the National CR Quality Indicators

9 September 2020
Presenters: Dr Susie Cartledge, Ms Claudine Clark
Topic: Cardiac Rehabilitation Delivery & the CHAP Manual

11 November 2020
Presenters: Professor Robyn Clark, Ms Claudine Clark
Topic: Cardiac Rehabilitation Delivery & the CHAP Clinical Manual

19 November 2020
Presenters: Dr Margaret Arstall, Dr Laila Chamma, Professor Stephen Nicholls, Ms Ali Krolig
Topic: Cardiovascular Secondary Prevention Update Online Webinar

9 December 2020
Presenter: Dr Lauren Stribley
Topic: Nutrition & Health: Food for Thought