Statewide CR Model of Care

On request from the Statewide Cardiac Clinical Network, the CHAP team in conjunction with the SA Statewide Rehabilitation & Secondary Prevention Coalition developed a recommendation for a statewide implementation of CR care. This is the ultimate outcome for any implementation project and the success of the translation of CR evidence into practice.

Translation of the CHAP Model into practice recommendations included:
• Address the 6 key recommendations determined by the CR community of practice, ACRA and the CR Coalition. 
• Develop a business model for statewide translation of the CHAP model of care with a focus on the impact of workload with increased patient referral and participation.
• Recommend the ICCPR Registry as the statewide system for quality evaluation of CR program outcomes. Incorporate linkage to the EMR for
clinical outcomes.
• Work with Primary Health Care Networks to design a data system that can easily integrate long -term follow-up (6 and 12 months) clinical and lifestyle change outcomes.
• Establish a project to achieve International Accreditation for all 23 SA CR programs and as part of Accreditation ensure all clinical CR providers achieve ICCPR Accreditation.

Achievement of statewide translation into practice, will ensure SA will be the leader in the delivery of the highest quality evidence based CR and secondary prevention delivered by highly trained clinical professionals.

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