Continuing Professional Development

This is a specialised continuing professional education program for the participants in the
Country Heart Attack Prevention (CHAP) Project.
Date Session Topic Facilitators Link to Recorded Video Presentation Link to Recorded Audio Presentation Link to Presentation Materials
9 Dec 20 Nutrition & Health: Food for thought Presented by: Dr Lauren Stribley
Lauren is a Cardiac Rehabilitation (CATCH) Dietician
19 Nov 20 Cardiovascular Secondary Prevention Update Online Webinar Dr Margaret Arstall
Dr Laila Chamma
Professor Stephen Nicholls
Ms Ali Krolig
11 Nov 20 Cardiac Rehabilitation delivery & CHAP Clinician Manual Professor Robyn Clark
Ms Claudine Clark
7 Oct 20 A 21st century (and pandemic friendly) approach to delivering cardiac rehabilitation Presented by: Dr Jonathan Rawstorn
Jonathan is a Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at Deakin University’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN). His research focuses on telerehabilitation program design, development, evaluation, and most recently translation into clinical practice.
9 Sep 20 Cardiac rehabilitation delivery & the CHAP manual Professor Robyn Clark
Dr Susie Cartledge
5 Aug 20 Unpacking the national CR quality indicators A/Prof Carolyn Astley
Dr Emma Thomas
8 Jul 20 Unpacking the Heart Foundation Standardised Program Content Dr Susie Cartledge
10 Jun 20 Introduction to CHAP Professor Robyn Clark
Dr Susie Cartledge
Ms Rosy Tirimacco